Email is Working Now

The information below is no longer current. We’re good to go. If you have tried to contact us today, August 17, and haven’t gotten a reply, please be patient. Our email servers are undergoing maintenance and should be up and running

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Memphis Snow

Snow or No Snow?

Remember the old days when we were at school and someone would say “it’s snowing in Memphis!”? That was a sure sign we’d be going home early or school would be canceled the next day. Well, check this out,  it’s snowing

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No time to blog

Oh, if only I had time to blog   I must apologize for my poor blogging skills.  Who has time, really? It’s 5:31 AM and I’ve been working all night on a billboard project for Interstate 40.  Can’t say who it’s

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Our new site

Well, after taking a close look at the old site, I determined that it wasn’t easy to navigate or update.  So, here we go with a new website for The Color Theory.  I suppose it’s the fourth one to date, and

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Had fun at NWTF convention!

Nathan and I took our son, soon to be eight, to the NWTF convention at Opryland Saturday.  We had a great time!  Our plan to not stay long turned into an all day event.  I’ve actually got several customers who have

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