Had fun at NWTF convention!

Nathan and I took our son, soon to be eight, to the NWTF convention at Opryland Saturday.  We had a great time!  Our plan to not stay long turned into an all day event.  I’ve actually got several customers who have booths at the show.  Al Stone, with Hitting the Mark Agency, has blessed me with several customers in the outdoor industry.  It was a joy to see some of my graphic design work at their booths.  They include SpookNation, Outer Armour Blinds, Big Buck Properties, and Buckthorn Camo.

One of the highlights of our day was listening to Ralph Duren, the Grand National Turkey Calling Champion.  He was amazing!  He not only calls turkeys, but can sound just like any animal you can ever imagine.  Our son was completely mesmerized by his skills.  Well, we were too.  If anyone has ever heard this guy, tell me what you think.  Anyway, just wanted to share what a good time we had.

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